It is said that you are the sum of the five people with whom you spend the most time. What if two of those people are of the feline variety? My two cats must be rubbing off on my personality, not just on my damp legs as I exit the shower & scrunch my face at them in protest. I am a scaredy cat. Such a juvenile term, but in regards to my business, it describes me perfectly.

I have been treating photography as a part time job for a few years, & the only real reason is because I am terrified. Fear of rejection, judgement, failure; they rule me. I've never had those thoughts about anything in my life, until it was time to brand & price myself. Yes, I have a wonderful support system in friends & family, but that is what they are supposed to be. Telling me they love my work, giving me pep talks & rarely, if ever, criticizing. Thus, I have no qualms shooting someone I am familiar with; it's easier when I know they like my work & they like me as well. People I don't know, that is my block. An adult version of stranger danger. Why would anyone I don't know want to hire me? Even if they like my work, what if something about my personality disappoints them?

& therein lies the problem. I haven't been myself with prospective clients. I have attempted to appeal to everyone, all the time, for every occasion. No longer. I cannot build something based on what people may want me to be. There's a meme floating around the internet, as memes tend to do. It states, "you can't please everyone, you are not a jar of Nutella." So true, though I'm a peanut butter addict so I would use that delicious miracle as a comparison instead.

I have hidden myself for far too long, thinking I may scare away potential clients. After workshops, seminars, & much reading, I have come to a realization. It's okay to scare away the wrong people. As long as I am myself, I'll only attract those who fit well with my personality & vision. & that is the opportune scenario for all involved.

Everyone deserves a photographer that they click with. Pun intended. It's time for me to be everything to some, instead of nothing to everyone. When I started this business, I didn't know what I was doing. I hadn't a clue who my market was, & I built a website that was comparable to crackers. It wasn't me, I am not a bland bitch. Truth is, I just wasn't ready.

Three years later, I am more educated & far more eager. As I sit here typing this, one purr machine in my lap, & a kitten climbing up my leg, it dawns on me. Perhaps I am like a cat, no matter what you throw me at, I'll always land on my feet. Though I'm definitely not into the whole seafood medley. From a can or on a plate at a five star restaurant, no thanks. Please, keep your crustaceans to yourself. I know, I am the oddest of balls, hater of seafood.

Time to get this party started. No more excuses. No more small thinking. Join me on this adventure? At times it will be painfully raw & brutally honest. I'm okay with that. I am more than okay, I am ready. Also, I am hungry; crackers & peanut butter it is!

xo, Mego