Friends, welcome to my new corner of the Internet. Strangers who I hope become friends, welcome to my world. A few years ago I launched Megan Wood Fine Art Portrait; that name & accompanying website are being laid to rest as I build a brand that is more personalized, more me. & if I'm going to be throwing myself at this full time, I have to feel at home in my business. It should feel like my favorite tshirt, not the heels I dig out once a year when I feel like taking both my look & my height up a notch. 

What is in a name? Okay, I won't go Shakespeare on you. A little explanation; for some reason, I am uncomfortable having my moniker as part of a logo, brand, company, etc. So many photographers simply use their name, followed by the word photography. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it is tried & tested. But, Megan Wood Photography? That rolls off the tongue about as easily as peanut butter. It not only sounds weird, it feels generic & boring. Those who know me well can attest to the fact that I am anti generic, so the new name hunt was on!

After much trial & error, as well as texts & phone calls to confidants, I was still stuck. To my delight, the gears were greased a few days into this quandary as I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, PhotoBiz Xposed. (Fellow photogs, it is perfection for your ears!) Anywho, a photographer was discussing her business name, & how she felt her mother's maiden name was more fitting than her given surname. It meant something to her, helped her feel attached to her business. Lightbulb! The name that I am most emotionally attached to, is Prince. 

No, not the singer. When I hear that name, little red corvettes don't drive anywhere near my mind. What I see, is the most gorgeous animal I have ever loved. My original best friend. My childhood dog, an all white husky mix named Prince. The irony is, I have close to zero photos of him. As a child, you never think that your favorite four legged buddy will be gone one day. Contrary to what many photographers claim, I didn't start shooting when I was knee high to a grasshopper. I wasn't processing film in a treehouse darkroom. So the few photographs I have of Prince are lower quality snapshots that will never do him justice. Lesson learned. Every pet I've had since, gets so many photos taken they probably feel famous. 

I am so pleased to have landed on a word that will keep a memory alive. I guarantee you more than a few people will ask about the name after learning it has nothing to do with my own. That is more than okay; I miss him, & talking about him puts a smile on my face. Others may think naming a business after an animal is a bit odd. That's okay too, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if you've ever loved an animal with your entire being, & then when they are gone there's a hallow in your heart; you understand where I'm coming from. I never want to forget him. Perhaps someday we'll meet again, perhaps someday my Prince will come.

xo, Mego