Your budget should never dictate the quality of your memories.

Think about that for a second, what if I told you that your wallet would decide how well you could remember the events of your big day? Only have $500 to spend? Well, your memory may be fuzzy, you may not recall everything that happened. Only want to part with $1000? Your mind will be better at recollecting things, but you won't be able to picture the details. 

That would be insane, right!?

So many people say no to quality wedding photography, & I understand why; when you're planning the best day of your life, you want every detail to be perfection. When everything is crossed off of the list, there is often little left for photography;  & this hurts my heart. I see so many gorgeous couples tying the knot, but with less than stellar imagery to remember the moment. 

I want to change this. I want to find couples working with a budget, & I want them to name their own price. Now, obviously you can't offer $250 for twelve hours of coverage & a custom leather album. I am asking for genuine, honest offers. Tell me exactly what you need, & what you want to invest. Do you have a strict budget you must stick to? Now is your chance to have amazing images & not break the bank. I am positive that together we can meet your needs, & your wedding day can be gorgeous not only as it unfolds, but in your photos as well. 

I believe that everyone deserves breathtaking wedding imagery. I will do everything in my power to make that happen for you; but like all good things, the Pick Your Price promotion will end. Please submit your information by February 29th, 2016, 11:59pm. (it's a leap year, bonus day!) Please send your details via the form below, I cannot wait to create beautiful art with you! 

xo, Mego

p.s... If you are interested in my usual wedding collections, please click here!

*please note, submitting this form in no way binds you to an offer or using me as your photog! :)

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