What is a connection session? 

Good question. 

When I shot my first engagement, I fell in love with photographing couples. Viewing a relationship through my lens feels like watching a tiny romantic comedy unfold before my eyes. I could be happy working with only couples from now until forever, there's only one problem; what about those who are already married, or don't plan to tie the proverbial knot? There are plenty of sweethearts out there who may wish to document their relationship, but think to themselves, "We aren't engaged..." 

Fear not! I have a solution, the connection session. Engaged? Vow renewal? Anniversary? Just because? Let's turn your affection into wall art, let's create beautiful images of a beautiful thing, love. Age restriction? None. A session with two teenage lovebirds is just as much fun as a golden anniversary. Location? Anywhere. I'm focusing on the two of you, not the background,  buildings, or man in the tight biking shorts riding next to me as you walk down the sidewalk. We can even shoot in your home if that's where you feel most comfortable, give me a window & we're good! 


Typical poses & smiles are almost always a part of the session, & I will direct so we can get uhmazing images, but the raw interaction is what keeps me hooked. I love documenting whatever happens, it doesn't need to feel forced. Walk & talk, dance, sing, tell a dirty joke, attempt a cartwheel; do anything together & I'll be there to capture it. 

Spring is coming, & if Bambi taught me anything, it's that everyone feels all sorts of lovey dovey once the flowers start to bloom. When is the last time you & your darling were in front of a camera that wasn't also a cell phone? Let's make it happen! 

Yes, I am a lover of Disney; & if anyone wants to recreate this gorgeous shot, let me know. Licking your partner is not required, I just want to photograph a couple surrounded by flowering trees!

xo, Mego