Goodbye, compact discs & flash drives! Hello, convenience! 

A couple of years ago I starting offering online galleries to my clients; after all, who doesn't love some instant gratification every now & again? As my business has grown, I have transitioned to nothing but an online gallery. They solve so many problems; no broken CDs, no lost jump drives. They're also incredibly green; no shipping emissions or packaging waste, I love it! & more importantly, my clients love them too. Pixieset galleries give you a way to showcase your images in a gorgeous layout, & they're so much easier to share on social media. Who loves uploading individual photos one at a time? Nobody, that's who. 


I'm pouring a ton of love on Pixieset, but I do know that using a new interface can be confusing. When you just wanna download your photos & get on with living your life, figuring out a new site is the last thing you want to do. So below, I break it down for you. Easy peasy, I promise.

First things first, once I have created your custom gallery, I will email you a link & download PIN. Feel free to share your link via email & on social media, only those with a PIN have download access. Once you are in & ready to download, select the download button at the top right corner of your screen. If you don't see this option, please contact me so I can fix it, lickety split!

You will then be asked for your email address & PIN. This step protects your photos from being downloaded by friends & family that you have viewed your gallery. If you would like them to have download access, simply share your PIN. 

You can then select the entire gallery, or specific sets of photos to download. You will have the option to download full resolution files for printing, & low res files for social media. 

Select Start Download, & you are good to go! The more files you have, the longer your download will take. Wedding galleries with 500+ images will be huge files, please be sure you have sufficient storage space on your device before attempting to download.

& that's it! Told you, easy peasy! & you can always reach out to me with any questions.

xo, Mego