Is it really all in the details? Yes! A thousand times, yes! 

You've planned your big day for months, sometimes years; & it's all over so freakin' fast! All of those hours pouring over Pinterest, designing your dream nuptials, creating a one of a kind experience for not only yourself, but every single guest as well. They better take their favor home & display it proudly among their granny's heirlooms! Am I right!?

I see what couples go through, especially the ones who DIY the entire day. It's rewarding, but exhausting; & the last thing on your mind before you say 'I do' ... helping your photographer get pretty little shots of all the pretty little things that add up to make your day so damn awesome. These images are just as important as the bigger pictures, they capture the essence of your day; not to mention they look amazing in an album. 

I'm here to help; below is a list of detail shots we photogs like to get, & in what order I try to get them. Key word, try. Every wedding timeline is different & every couple has their own groove.

• breakfast. brunch. lunch.  //  if I'm with a bride & groom all day, more than likely there will be a meal involved before dinner. & who doesn't love a delicious food picture? let your phones be; I'll document this one for you, it's your last meal as a single lady or gent!

• invitations. stationary. paper stuff.  //  as a photographer, I rarely see wedding invitations; a bride & groom have already sent those out once they've hired me. so I'm here to ask, please save one of everything so I can capture how pretty they are!

• the dress.  //  one dress to rule them all, & rule it shall. I will spend a fair amount of time alone with your wedding dress, I hope you don't mind. that being said, please remember to have it on location while you are getting ready. if it's in the back of Aunt Marge's car, I won't be able to photograph it in all it's white, wonderful glory. (note, I would LOVE to work with a bride wearing a colorful wedding dress, it just hasn't happened yet) ... & I'll tell you what I adore, custom hangers! A plastic hanger will kill a gorgeous dress photo, it shows no mercy. 

• the other dresses.  //  bridesmaids. flower girls. mothers. everyone has a dress, & each one deserves it's chance in the spotlight. regular wooden hangers look best if you aren't going the custom route with these.

• oodles of accessories.  //  purses? clutches? jewelry? bowties? cufflinks? gifts to the wedding party? anything that is special & specific to the day, please have it easily accessible because I wanna see all the pretty!

• hair. makeup.  //  just a tip for when you are getting ready (& your makeup artist already knows this) ... be sure to get all prim & proper in natural lighting. it will help you look your best throughout the day & allow me to document the process without flash photography.

• the rings.  //  who could forget the rings? nobody, enough said. but! if you want your ring shots to be stellar, don't forget a beautiful box or other item to nest them in.

•  flowers. so many flowers.  //  real or faux, most weddings have a ton of flowers. I will often use them as a backdrop for other detail shots, like the rings. having your bouquet & other floral items accessible before the ceremony is a must!

• confetti. sparklers. bubbles.  //  are your guests going to toss anything in the air as you exit the ceremony? blow bubbles toward you & your beloved? if you set aside a little bit of that fun for me, I will most definitely use it to my advantage!


I hope this list is helpful! If you're already married, is there something you wish was captured on your big day, but wasn't? Fellow photographers, anything I've left out? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, mego