Okay, so it wasn't so much an attack, more an invasion of space. & I just have to share the adorable with you! Also, I thought this would be a perfect post for my first "Get To Know Me Monday" which is all about getting to know me as well as I hope to know my current & future clients.

I am so happy to announce that I now have a natural light space to shoot in! After moving back to Kansas City & finding the perfect house in the Westport area, I decided it was time to take one of my rooms & revamp it into a kickass studio space. It is still a work in progress, & when it's finished I'll share before & after photos, as well as the entire makeover process. For now, it's a simple room with creamy walls, even creamier light, & enough space to dance, flip, or do whatever your heart desires; in my case, capture gorgeous boudoir & classic style portrait images. & dog portraits, dog portraits for life.

Saturday I was prepping for a boudoir shoot; sheer curtains, lacey accents, soft white fur. Everything you might suspect that would add a touch of romance to images meant to be gifted on Valentine's Day. Then, it happened. My favorite four legged boy plopped down right in the middle of it all. I could have told him to go lay down on his bed, but where is the cute in that? I grabbed my camera & these are the resulting images; I wonder if there is a market for dog boudoir? 

Buddy came to me last August from the Foundation for Animals in Risk,  a non-profit, no kill animal rescue based in central Missouri. He was abused as a pup & spent over two years in foster care, but now he has filled the dog shaped hole in my heart. Everything is more fun with him around; even a trip to the grocery store is more enjoyable because his ginormous tongue is flopping everywhere while he hangs his head out of the window. Who could abuse that face? I'll never understand it, but am so glad I was able to open up my home to him. 

I also share these photos & story to let you know that I do live with animals, more on my cat named Bucket later. If you happen to book a studio session, there may be a white hair here or there. I will of course keep him out of our shoot area, but if allergies are a problem (I know, I live with them too) then we can discuss moving your boudoir or portrait shoot to a hotel room or other location. I am an animal lover til' death, but your comfort as my client is always of the utmost importance.

I'm looking forward to more Get To Know Me Mondays! & if you ever want to chat about anything at all, please send some words my way!

xo, Megan