It was love at first sight. Okay, maybe like at first site. Whatever you want to call it, it was kismet. I didn't want to leave the restaurant it was so easy to sit & geek out over Harry Potter & what types of beers we enjoyed. It felt like drinks with an old friend, I found myself not wanting to leave. 

Sound like a first date? Well, sorta. It was my wedding consultation with a potential client.

So many photography clients come to me via word of mouth, which is always the best form of advertising. BUT! Sometimes somebody happens upon your website,  emails you, & books simply because they love your work. This was the case with Caroline & Jason, who I am so super stoked to be working with, & I'll be so super sad when they move out of state after the big day. Sokay with me though, I need an excuse to do a destination anniversary session!

The wedding is more than a few months away, 11.11 to be exact. Coolest wedding date ever by the way. I'm not the only one who makes wishes at 11:11, right? Until then I get the pleasure of learning who they are & telling their story. When it's time to walk down the aisle, it's my goal to feel like a friend instead of a photographer. An annoying friend who won't keep the camera out of your face. 

The best part? Caroline & Jason don't seem to take the process too seriously, at least not the photography portion. & you know what? I LOVE THAT. Be yourself in front of my camera, it makes for authentic images that convey emotion & personality. Sometimes the bloopers are the best. 


The face smooshing & awkward hugs were a hilarious addition to the adorable that happened that day. So many engagement sessions are hand holding, kisses, & gazing off into nothingness; I think I prefer a little random thrown in every now & then. Quirky couples are kinda my jam, I'm so glad we crossed paths!


Beyond the goofy, we did create some perfect images that day. We lucked out with some fantastic cloud cover; I prefer to shoot sunrise or sunset sessions, but due to their timeline we had to make the afternoon work. More sun equals more shadows equals not flattering, but my boyfriend assisted with a scrim to soften any hotspots, & we ended up making some pretty even without the golden hour! & really, is there any time of day that the Kansas City skyline isn't awesome? Nope. We even got the World Series banner in the mix, because, you know, #ForeverRoyal. 


I love weddings, boudoir, glamour, any type of photography that showcases a woman's inner gorgeous & outward beauty. But every time I shoot an engagement, I fall in love with this genre. Working one on one, well, one on two, with a couple... it's sort of where I thrive. Capturing that connection & allowing them to see their love in the best light possible. I am so thankful for this journey I'm on, & grateful for couples like Caroline & Jason who make me smile when I think of work. 

xo, Mego