A portrait is nothing without connection, & it's safe to say that Mr. & Mrs. H had the very opposite of nothing going on during their couples boudoir session. They brought so much intensity to their intimate shoot & we had the BEST time creating a work of art out of their relationship. From sitting & talking with them during hair & makeup to coaching them through poses & candid interaction, it was a smile filled session that had all of us grinning ear to ear afterward. If there's one thing I know for sure, I love photographing love! Below you can get to know the gorgeous couple & hear their take on the couples boudoir experience!


Let's start at the beginning. When & where did you meet? Who made the first move?

Joe and I met when I was 12 years old, though I had been looking at his pictures in the newspaper for far longer.  We were not the least bit interested in one another at the time.  He was 15 and was talking to lots of different people, and I had a boyfriend. I know, what?! At 12?! I ran into Joe a lot over the years & developed a bit of a crush on him. He was the popular guy from my rival school, and I was just weird so I never thought anything would come of it.  When I was a freshman in high school we hosted his basketball team for a district tournament.  I don't remember much about it, but Joe swears that he remembers me wearing flip-flops and black toenail polish. He thought I had pretty feet. 


Describe your first date, paint a picture for us!

I don't think that either of us asked the other out.  I think it was put as a "hang out," and eventually he drove us to the movies.  I remember not being able to look him in the eyes. The whole ride there, the entire time we played games and talked; I couldn't make eye contact with him; the electricity between us was that palpable. He was supposed to get me home by midnight... it was 2 AM when we rolled into the driveway.  We shared the most perfect kiss of my life. I can't explain it, but he just felt like home to me.


When did you realize you wanted to be together long term? 

We sort of just stuck together. He says that my pretty toes and the fact that I could drink a 5th of whiskey through a straw were what drew him to me, and I told people I wanted to have his babies since I was 16 years old. He gave me a promise ring three months into the relationship.  He proposed to me in his driveway with a twisty tie from a loaf of bread 5 months in. I got pregnant with our daughter 7 months in and he gave me a real ring in my parents' basement. We did not get married until 6 years later.  


As of today, how long have you been together? What is something that you've overcome? 

We have been together for 10 years, 3 months and 1 day. Together, we have overcome issues regarding my family not being very welcoming of him. We overcame the loss of both of his parents and all of the familial issues that came with that. We overcame teen parenthood. We overcame the world being set up to work against, but came out victorious against all odds. 

We have made more memories than we can count.  We became parents together and went on countless adventures together, whether they be short trips to either side of the state, traveling to San Diego to watch him graduate Marine Corps Boot-camp, or family vacations to different places. I'll never forget going to see him in San Diego.  I had not seen him in three months and when I laid eyes on him I instantly started bawling! He had lost so much weight and looked so tired, but I was so proud of him!


Do you have any children or pets together?

We have one daughter together, her name is Joslin.  That's the first three letters of Joseph and the last three of Caitlin. She turned 9 on October 3rd. We also have 2 basset hound-beagle mix puppies named Jock and Jameson, and they keep us on our toes!

Do you share any dreams or goals? What hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy together?

We just want to make our daughter proud.  We dream of having another child, but we are perfectly happy with the one we have! We dream of growing older and smarter together and working really, really hard to build on the life we have. We love trying new foods, listening to and singing music and driving around. We enjoy the simple things. Being goofy and watching TV together is our favorite thing.


What made you think an intimate portrait session might be for you?

Oddly enough, the last professional photos we had taken were by Megan at our wedding! I knew we had to have these pictures done but I never thought Joe would go for it, nor did I think we could ever afford it. Then I learned Megan offers payment plans so that was perfect, we needed to do something out of our comfort zone!


How did you feel before, during, & after your session?

Before our session, Joe and I were excited but nervous.  We had no idea what to think or expect and I was self-conscious about my body. During our session, I was still nervous but in a more exciting way.  I feel my most comfortable when I am with him, and I felt so sexy knowing that he thought I looked sexy! The session was an incomparable experience.  Joe has said several times since that he can't wait to do it again. It reignited the fire between us like five years of therapy never would have been able to do!


What would you say to another couple who is considering an intimate portrait session for themselves?

I have told everyone that they should do this! It shakes up your relationship in a way that nothing else can, it's a way to do something that is just for you and your partner! I just want everyone to know how kind and open Megan is, she makes you feel totally comfortable and creates photos that look better than you ever imagined. This experience helped my relationship in a way that I never thought it would be able to.  The openness between me and my husband, and the pride and confidence I feel about my relationship has never shone so bright, and we can't thank Megan enough for that! Do yourself a favor and take the plunge, do it!


The Prince Portrait studio in the Kansas City West Bottoms district is the ideal setting for couples who want to connect & celebrate their love in the best possible light. I would love to help you plan your dream couples boudoir photography experience, so let's connect! 

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