Hey hey, pretty people! I'm sooo stoked to share this male boudoir session with you! A while back when I started hunting for male models, I asked friends & family first. The resounding answer? Hell to the no. Men DID NOT want to do this, & they gave me so many reasons why.

  • "I need to lose the weight I gained after the divorce."
  • "I'm not taking my shirt off until I get my six pack back."
  • "My body should be taped off as a crime scene."
  • "Women are pretty & meant to be seen. Nobody needs to see this guy."
  • "Will you photoshop my love handles away?"
  • "Can you give me a few weeks to bulk up? Need to hit the gym."

Yep... those are real replies to the texts & emails I sent out. This is NOT okay. My first love is empowering women but my new mistress is male self-love. I want to do what I can to fix this because it's clearly a problem. Breaks my heart to hear those words from genuinely good-looking men. I see so many "dudeoir" shoots scattered across social media & all I can think is... meh. Why are we only celebrating male bodies if they are Calvin Klein models? Then as soon as somebody with a "dad bod" gets in front the camera, all we can do is make it a joke? Come on, we're better than that. Just as the ladies come to my studio to feel empowered, so shall the gentlemen! 

This boudoir session gallery won't have my go-to client interview format, Mr. S & I both adore the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so I'm just going to share a little bit of their music & call it a day! Music is such an important part of my life & I literally cannot shoot correctly without some type of beat. If a playlist starts to buffer I put down the camera, true story. When it's time for your own boudoir session, I'll make sure to have your favorite genres on hand OR bring your own playlist! Mr. S stole a little piece of my heart because he loves the Peppers as much as I do, so everything fell into place even easier, if that's even possible!


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