Hey, pretty lady! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk about your bridal boudoir session with Prince Portrait. Please share some insider info about yourself!

Usually, I work at an assisted living as an Activity Director, playing games and hanging out with all my grandmas and grandpas. Right now, however, I am working full time with the Kansas Air National Guard. (Confused? Good.) My dream job is to become a wedding planner and to own an event venue someday. I am in business school at Baker University working toward that goal.

My husband and I have been married for 3 months now... well, kind of. We actually privately and super secretly eloped 1 year and 3 months ago, the date of our wedding, because of personal and religious reasons. So, at our wedding ceremony, we were actually secretly married but only about 5 people knew. And now all of you know. Shh :)

My husband and I would love to live somewhere on the east coast - maybe Savannah, GA or Charleston, SC or even Germany. Through our jobs in the military, we get to travel a lot. We've been to 4 countries together and are always looking forward to our next trip or personal vacation - next year we're thinking Ireland. My husband and I also seem to be pretty unique in that we do not desire to have children. I'll be honest, I haven't met that many children that I actually like and I am terrible with children... like, terrible. I go in for a handshake when I meet a toddler. I don't know what to do! We also enjoy having money and freedom, both of which I hear you don't get much of when you procreate.


What foods do you crave? What shows do you binge?

Foods I crave - omg, give me chocolate. Constantly supply me with chocolate and I will love you unconditionally. I've been on a Seinfeld and Friends binge for about 15 years now with no signs of it slowing down. I also love Parks & Rec, The Office, and The Golden Girls.

What is the first thing people often notice about you?

My gosh darn red hair.

What is your favorite non-physical thing about yourself?

My sense of humor. I'm hilarious. 

Do you have any celebrity crushes?

Liam. Neeson. Did you guys even see the Taken movies?!

Favorite adult beverage?

I love a good sangria.

Breakfast or dinner?

Breakfast FOR dinner :)

What's one random thing that you're really good at?

I can relate almost any part of a conversation to lyrics from an oldies song. It's more of a curse, really.

Go to karaoke song?

I Wanna Know What Love Is - Foreigner

Biggest fear?


Movies at home or in the theater?

At home because I tend to fall asleep when I watch movies. Drives the husband crazy.

Describe your perfect hotdog?

Spicy ketchup and mustard, both in moderation. I will not allow anyone to sauce my dog. They over do it.

On a scale from one to penguin, how random are you?


Do you have any fur babies? Do tell!

We have 2 fur babies - Seamus and Hazel. Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus. The receptionist at the vet clinic still has trouble. We've been going there for 2 years.) is a 2 and a half-year-old, 5lb Yorkie and Hazel is a 1-year-old Maltese-Yorkie mix who does not like for me to tell people how much she weighs. But she's chunky and she's cute. I love dogs. If I go to your house and there is a dog there, forget about me listening to a single thing you say. I'll literally just be hugging your dog.

What are you really proud of? Permission to humble brag!

Okay, here's the only thing I can think of - I have 2 Associate's and it took me 8 and 9 years to get them. I HATE school, always have. Probably just because of my inability to do any sort of math just really turned me off to the whole thing. BUT. I have two degrees and am working on my third!

Where would we find you on a Friday night?

At home, asleep on the couch in the middle of a movie, with my dogs laying on me.

What hobbies or passions do you pursue or wish you had more time for?

I wish I had more time to do crafts. I used to paint all the time. I also like repurposing things - my husband and I are actually working on turning an ugly old cabinet into a bar cabinet. I also wish I had more time to sit and play my guitar.

Have you ever struggled with loving yourself or your body? Please share your story.

I am struggling with my body BIG TIME right now. I am the biggest I've ever been and I'm struggling with that fact. I go to the gym 3 times a week but the pounds are going nowhere. Guess I have to stop eating so much chocolate...

What was your main reason for booking a boudoir session? Did anyone or anything inspire you to make that final decision?

I booked a boudoir session as a gift to my husband. I had scheduled it with my wedding photographer first but she was just starting to build her boudoir portfolio and that made me even more nervous about the whole thing. A friend told me about Megan so I contacted her right away before I chickened out.

What makes you feel sexy or beautiful? 

It's funny, having my hair done makes me feel the most beautiful because I never do my hair. For work, I have to wear it in a tight, low bun. Very unattractive. So having it down and curled makes me feel good.

Did you have any doubts or fears leading up to the session? How did you deal with those?

I almost chickened out several times. Didn't want to email Megan, didn't want to meet her, nope. Too scary. Luckily, I have this really good friend who makes sure you do things you don't want to do but that are good for you. Super annoying. She would have never let me live down canceling my session.

Can you tell us how you felt walking into the session, versus when you left? What happened during the shoot to change your perspective or mood?

I had an hour drive to think about how nervous I was. I'm surprised I didn't get into a car wreck. And I was nervous up until probably the first picture when Megan told a stupid joke because I can appreciate a stupid joke. It was strange, it felt like we had been friends forever. She got my weird and it totally relaxed me. I actually was bummed when the session was over.  

How did you THINK you would feel about your images? How did you REALLY feel?

I didn't think my images would turn out that great because holy cow, I felt like she was making me contort myself into all sorts of weird positions. Also, I'm totally not sexy in front of a camera. But, wow. I loved them. I had no idea I could look like that. Megan will show you how gorgeous you are.

Did you share your images with anyone or gift them as a surprise?

I gave them to my husband as a wedding present (after I showed them to all my girlfriends first, of course). His reaction was hilarious. I got him the Luxe Album and it comes in a matching box. As he was opening it, he thought it was a cigar humidor or a super fancy bottle of gin. The album came with a folio desk picture which he opened first - and promptly closed because he didn't think he was supposed to be looking at a picture of a half naked girl. He told me after he thought it was an ad or something that I had accidentally left in there and he wasn't actually supposed to see it. But then he did a double take and was like, "wait a minute.. is that you?!". So funny.

What was your favorite thing about the entire experience?

The best thing about it was getting completely out of my comfort zone - like, so far out I couldn't even see the zone anymore - and seeing something so awesome and beautiful come out of the whole thing.

What would you say to a woman who is thinking about booking her own session?

Chill out, dry off all your nervous sweat, and have fun! I promise you won't regret it.

I would LOVE to create some gorgeous with you! Get in touch so we can start planning your session!