It's no secret, I'm currently a member of team single. (& no, that's not written with a sad tone, there's nothing wrong with enjoying the solo life, shout out to all my fellow single ladies!) Though I have had my share of serious relationships, I'm probably not the most qualified to sit & write about what love looks like to someone who's been inside of it for awhile. When I sat down to blog Mr. & Mrs. K's couples boudoir session, I was stuck. I wanted the words to do the images justice because as you'll see, they are oozing appreciation for one another.

I soon realized I was fresh out of words beautiful enough to pair with this session, so I shamelessly jumped on the crowdsourcing bandwagon, & wow! I'm so glad I did! I received so many submissions from men & women who have clearly been in the thick of love & learned a thing or two. Thank you so much to everyone who participated & if you weren't able to submit the first round, please drop your thoughts into the comments! 


Pick your battles.
Embrace change.
Relish in the simple things.
Fully appreciate and encourage one another.
Love how you'd want to be loved.
Be honest.

Ms. K


Long-term love is having your partner's back, it's taking on the world as a team. It's unspoken courtesies like taking turns letting each other sleep in on the weekends... It's being each other's balance in this extremely out of balance world.



I think that long-term love means work. It means loving someone so much that no matter how hard it can be, you try. I think it is the inability to imagine your life without that person, and working tirelessly to make that happen.



Long-term love is not walking away, even when you feel like running. Seeing someone at their worst and still loving them for their best. When touching their skin feels as natural as touching your own.



Long-term love is figuring out how to get over the hump of your relationship's "newness" & find something to look forward to in your partner each and every day. It took us a lot of heart to hearts and the both of us knowing we wanted to move forward together and be stronger from all of the hard times. We learned to be honest with one another, & we can both swallow our pride & say, "sorry I was so stubborn and had an attitude last night," & move on to a brand new day.



Long-term love looks like the old couple in the nursing home that loves each other so much they can't stand to be apart. Long term love looks like you giving yourself to your partner not expecting anything in return, & they do the same. Long term love means you stick it out through all the good & bad times, totally supporting one another & never giving up.



It is loving selflessly, sacrificially, and secondarily. It is holding hands even when you don’t feel like it, & never going to bed angry. It’s okay to fight! Seriously! You are going to disagree. However, you better make up as passionately as you defend your argument & position! 



Never forget the little things your spouse does for you, the little things add up to be a big picture. Even when you're angry, never forget to tell them you love them. Always make sure they know they are still wanted. This is so difficult to do when you are furious, but it can make or break a relationship.



Long-term love feels like home. It's cozy & comforting, a safe haven after a long day. But, like any home, it must be maintained. If you don't have a solid foundation, your love won't last. Love is an emotion, but over the course of time it also becomes a choice. You & your partner must decide if you are both willing to maintain what you've taken so long to build.



It's not always easy, there will always be something they do or don't do that bugs you, but you have to remember the same is to be true in regards to how they feel about you. There are so many big moments in life, but to me the most important are the little things that you do for each other; he always makes sure my car has gas in it, or he sneaks off to find me pajamas & runs my bath water when I'm having a rough day. Loving for the long-term is a job, it takes work to make it flourish but the reward is amazing.

T. Belt

Couples boudoir is for everybody & every body, please get in touch if you are ready to see your relationship in a whole new light!